About Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley, MD, is a board-certified OB-GYN and fellow of ACOG who left the medical industrial complex due to his disillusionment with the “standard of care” within the conventional maternity care model. This was hard because “going with the flow” of hospital-based practice was providing him financial security. On the other hand, standing in his truth from having sat with over 1000 births and connecting with women and their families has provided him a lifestyle more in alignment with fatherhood, deepening his connection with his wife, and caring for people in the way that he had anticipated long before stepping into practice.

Dr. Riley now focuses his time on upholding the traditional practice of midwifery. He supports midwives as a collaborative physician for midwives of all varieties in over twenty states. He is an advocate for home birth and still attends births for those in need. He boasts a c-section rate of <5%, which is one of the best in the U.S. 

His mission is to uphold midwifery as the art that it is and to honor birth as a sacred process and the transition to parenthood as spiritual transformation. Dr. Riley empowers women to have babies on their own terms, using nature as our guide. He helps fathers embrace the opportunity to connect with birth and their partners through pregnancy and birth, encouraging them to go deeper versus distancing themselves from this stigmatized but magical rite of passage.

Dr. Riley is the father of two, the second of whom was born at home, and he is proudly married to his highschool sweetheart. In his spare time, he walks in the woods, makes Dad jokes, paints, and drinks coffee with amazing people.

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Our Collaborators

Sara Rosser, CPM

Sara Rosser, CPM is a community midwife serving middle Tennessee in prenatal, birth and postpartum care both in the home setting as well as The Farm Midwifery Center. Sara joined The Farm Midwives in 2013 and has been fortunate to learn the art of midwifery from some of the greatest in the profession. 

Informed choice, health equity and trauma informed care are the foundational ethics of Sara’s practice as a home birth midwife. 

After graduating from The College of Traditional Midwifery, Sara joined the college faculty where she facilitates preceptor/student agreements around the country. She believes growing the midwifery profession through the traditional apprenticeship model is imperative in preserving midwifery, the oldest profession in history.

Sara is the mother of two teenagers who came to her through birth and adoption. She also carried two children as a surrogate and is the proud host mother of an exchange student who joined her family in 2017. Sara and her husband Gabe raise their family and a few farm animals on a hillside of rural Tennessee. Sara can usually be found getting her hands dirty, literally and figuratively, preaching the gospel of medical freedom or catching up on sleep after a long birth.

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Future Collaborators

The goal for my work through Beloved Holistics is ultimately to support midwives.

To uphold midwifery as the art it is. To advocate for personal responsibility and thus, autonomy.

To approach women’s health holistically. To facilitate an easier transformation through birth into parenthood. 

To support women and families in having babies on their own terms, using nature as our guide.

That’s why I developed the Collaborator Program for midwives.

To create a way for midwives to serve women in the way they desire and to access tools when they are desired or needed.

To be the out of box OB who actually supports and advocates for home birthers, and the midwives who serve them.

Instead of changing the system, I’m creating a new one.

This program allows you to have the support of the useful parts of the conventional model without giving up autonomy.

If you’re a midwife and you aren’t already in the Collaborator Program, there’s no time like the present.

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